Committee Members

Sl.No Name Category Designation Mobile Email
1 Mr.Darwin Chairman Principal 9244775554
2 Mr.M.D.Amala Dhaya Secretory Vice Principal 9244775554
3 Ms.Magdelene Member Counselor 9244775512
4 Mrs.Santhi.W Member Assistant Professor 9244775551
5 Dr.Valantina Stephen S Member Assistant Professor 9244775513
6 Mrs.Amutha S Member Assistant Professor 9442257889
7 Mrs.Deepa A.R Member Assistant Professor 9244775518
8 Mr. Packiaraj Member Assistant Professor 9244775566
9 Mrs.A.Merry Ida Web Admin Assistant Professor 9445964299


Grievances Redressal cell deals with all types of grievances, complaints and malpractices including those received from Students, Faculty and other Stakeholders.The grievance redressal cell is consist of faculty members, parents, students and alumni in different levels.List of other Grievance Redressal Cells:Student Grievance Addressal Cell,Faculty Grievance Addressal Cell,Stake holders Grievance Addressal Cell

General principles Grievance Redressal Committee are Create awareness among the students about the grievance redressal mechanism;Register and acknowledge grievances received and referred to them;To the extent possible, all grievances received shall be settled within a fortnight by arriving at a final decision;If a final decision is not possible within a fortnight, an acknowledgement should be sent to the applicant along with an indication as to when he/she can expect a final reply;